Guillermo Zocco Vidal


Mr. Zocco Vidal is a Public Accountant and has a Masters degree in Finance from the Universidad del Salvador. He has an AMLCA Certification from the Florida International Bankers Association (FIBA) in partnership with Florida International University (FIU).

He is a founding partner of FIDESnet–Professional Advisory.

At present Mr. Zocco Vidal is a professor of Integrated Risk Management and Banking Products Workshop, courses of the Licenciatura en Gestión de Entidades Financieras, degree of the School of Economics (UCA). He is a member of the faculty of the Business School (UCA) in the Banking Management Certificate Program organized for ADEBA (Argentinian bank association) members.

In addition, Mr. Zocco Vidal has been a technical advisor of the Banking Organization Degree (UCA), professor of Auditing (Public Accounting Degree – UCA) and of Prevention of Money Laundering and of Auditing and Control (Financial Institutions Management Degree – UCA). He has also collaborated in the Professional Development Program (UCA), for professionals in the financial banking industry, and coordinated several programs of the School of Business (UCA): Capital Markets Management Tools, Managerial Skills Development for Banco Comafi, The Argentinian Tax Framework, International Financial Reporting Standards (in agreement with Universidad Gran Colombia).

Mr. Zocco Vidal was a Senior Auditor of PwC’s Financial Service Industry, leading multidisciplinary teams in different auditing projects at private and state financial institutions and enterprises that provide support activities to financial services companies.

He went on to serve as an advisor, specialized in Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, to financial institutions, exchange bureaux, brokerage firms and insurance companies, helping with the implementation of compliance programs, the assessment of AML/CFT risks, training programs and the drawing up of policies and procedures, among others.

He has delivered training courses to Board and Control and Prevention Committee members, area and branch managers, operational staff at financial and exchange industry institutions.

He has served as Statutory Auditor of the Supervielle Asset Management S.A and an Expert Accountant in the Civil and Commercial Jurisdiction of the City of Buenos Aires

He is a member of the “Studies on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Funding of Terrorism” Committee of CPCECABA.

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