Our Main Competences and Abilities

Contribute to the world of business in building and developing a culture of sustainability balancing the search for profitability and the sustained development of the environment where the business takes place.


  • Accountability
  • Advice to regulatory and audit entities
  • Advice in financial schemes to provincial and municipal governments
  • Institutional diagnosis and positioning
  • Institutional communication strategies


  • Evaluation of political, institutional, economic and financial situation
  • Institutional diagnosis and positioning
  • Fulfillment of strategic objectives
  • Institutional Communication Strategies
  • Evaluation of compliance with the regulatory framework
  • Advice on improving accounting information, processes and systems:
    • Review of internal controls
    • Review of organizational structure
    • Development of procedural manuals
    • Development of manuals of missions and functions
  • Advice on implementing International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Risk & Compliance

  • Evaluation of fraud risks by sectors, lines of business and sensitive processes
  • Design and implementation of integral programs for the prevention of fraud
  • Implementations of “know your customer” policies
  • Design and implementation of red flags for the detection of potential fraudulent activities and transactions
  • Design and implementation of procedural manuals and “Codes of Ethics”
  • Assessment of information security schemes
  • Implementation of independent audit systems and control management
  • FATCA/ Common Reporting Standard (CRS-OCDE)

Anti-money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

  • Institutional Aid
  • Design and reorganization of the Prevention Structure
  • Assessment of regulatory compliance
  • Measurement of institutional and customer risk
  • Development and implementation of control and prevention procedures
  • Design of integral training programs

Business Performance

  • Development of business projections and plans
  • Development of market research
  • Reports for the business and investors
  • Advice in the evaluation of potential business
  • Company Evaluation - Due diligence
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Evaluation of financing alternatives
  • Search for strategic alliances
  • Corporate Governance


  • Internal Audit
  • Strategic planning and Business Plan
  • Risk Management: Operational and technological
  • Evaluation and Management of Financial Risks

Tax y Legal

  • Banking and Exchange Law
  • Insurance and Capital Market
  • Legal advice on Project Financing
  • Tax Planning