Our Vision

Contribute to the world of business in building and developing a culture of sustainability balancing the search for profitability and the sustained development of the environment where the business takes place.

Our Objectives

Contribute with our professional career and competence, aligned with best international practices with a view to constituting a NET of professionals that permits rendering advice combining high quality standards with vast experience.

Our Methodology

Our working methodology is both flexible and dynamic, coordinating the work of our permanent staff with that of independent professionals. We offer comprehensive professional support and we ensure effective coordination and monitoring of projects.

Jorge Luis Borges in “El Gólem” says that “Man is the archetype of things”. That concept led us to choose the name FIDESnet.

The Latin term FIDES –faith and trust- refers to the traditional virtue which is the very essence of business and that is the virtue we intend to inspire in our customers with proven experience, quality of services, expertise and dedication.

By net we refer to our capacity to display a net of professionals and contacts within the framework of the realities resulting from the new society of knowledge we have entered.

Therefore FIDESnet is the archetype that defines what we are and strive to be.